NUMATX, Inc. manufactures the patented Hydropneumatic Riveter System.   Numatx riveters are lighter and more compact than existing pneumatic only riveters.

Which Alligator Squeezer shown below would you prefer to hold for HOURS at a time, doing precision riveting on aircraft structures?


Numatx Inc. makes high quality commercial grade compression rivet squeezers, for the installation of solid rivets.  Numatx riveters are the SMALLEST and LIGHTEST aerospace grade C-Squeezers and Alligator Squeezers you can buy.  Numatx Squeezers also feature CONSTANT FORCE over the entire stroke range.  The patented rivet squeezers are fully hydraulic at the forming head portion, which enables the squeezers to be more compact than traditional pneumatic only units.  This reduces operator fatigue and improves product quality.  Testament to this is provided courtesy of Delta Airlines below.

Company Award given to Larry Ashley at Delta Airlines Tech Ops, Atlanta Georgia:

"I would like to acknowledge Larry Ashley’s most recent contribution to Dept.383.  Larry has labored to maintain the shops tooling as well as introduce innovative tools to improve the shops efficiency.  This is especially true of a new hydraulic riveting system which has recently been introduced into the shop.  Riveting titanium, steel and monel solid fasteners is always difficult and can be a dangerous job.  The hydraulic system that Larry has incorporated into the shop, has made this job safer, more efficient and easier for the technician doing the job.  An example of this is the titanium rivets which help secure the mount ring on the MD90 inlet.  Previously a heavy rivet squeezer had to be attached to an overhead hoist, then the squeezer positioned awkwardly over the area where the 3/16 titanium rivet needed to be squeezed.  The new system has eliminated the threat of physical strain and injury inherent with the old method as well as reducing the time it takes to do the job by two thirds and creating an improved finished product."

(Quotation courtesy of Delta Airlines)

Below are pictures of the Model 3280-2  8 inch (203mm) reach Alligator Squeezer in action at Delta Airlines, squeezing .187 Monel rivets on jet engine cowling.

(Photos courtesy of Delta Airlines)

Download the 3280 Alligator Squeezer Manual

Below is a video of the Model 3280-3  10 inch (254mm) reach Alligator Squeezer, squeezing a 4mm Monel Rivet.

YouTube Video

Below is a video of the Model 3280-2  8 inch (203mm) reach Alligator Squeezer, which produces 8,000 Lbf (3,630 Kgf) and weighs 15.5 Lb (7.0 Kg).  Rivets squeezed in the video are a .250 (6.3mm) diameter 7050 "E" rivet and .187 (5mm) diameter Monel rivet. 


 Below is a video which demonstrates a Model 3060-1 (3,000 Lbf force) squeezing AN470AD4-5 (.125) rivets in aircraft structure.  The video shows the feathering control capability of the Model 3060 C-squeezer (via foot valve).  The initial two advances of the rivet set show normal cycle rate, and the ability to position the rivet set just short of compressing the rivet.  The pressure intensifier unit (not shown) is a Model 3340-1, with air pressure set at 80 psi.  The 3060-1 Squeezer has an industry standard CP214 compatible 3" reach C-yoke installed.

Download the Model 3060, 3070 and 3080 C-Squeezer Manual


YouTube Video

Commercial users of Numatx Squeezers include:


Shown below are 3280-1/-3 Alligators and 3070-1/3080-1 C-Squeezers in use at Northrop Grumman on the 
E-2E Hawkeye.

Shown below is the size of Numatx C-Squeezers as compared to a traditional 3,000 Lbf (3K) pneumatic only C-Squeezer.  Note that the Numatx 3080-1 9K (9,000 Lbf) Squeezer produces 3X the force of the traditional 3K Squeezer, while being 2 inches (51mm) shorter and weighing 1.75 Lb (.80 Kg) less.

Shown below is a Model 3080-1 9K Force C-Squeezer and Model 3320-2 Pressure Intensifier.  The 3320-2 Intensifier is also used to power the Model 3070-1 6K Force C-Squeezer and Model 3280 Alligator Squeezers.

Shown below is a Model 3070-1 6K Force C-Squeezer compared with a traditional 3K pneumatic only C-Squeezer.  Weight of the 3070-1 without a C-yoke is 1.7 Lb.

Download the Model 3060, 3070 and 3080 C-Squeezer Manual

Shown below is the Model 3320-2 40cc Pressure Intensifier and Model 3340-1 Pressure Intensifier.  Both units produce ~3,500 psi hydraulic pressure at an air input pressure of ~80 psi.  The 3340-1 Intensifier is for matched use with the Model 3060 3K C-Squeezer.

Download the Model 3320 Pressure Intensifier Manual

Download the Model 3340 Pressure Intensifier Manual



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