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Hy-Tech Machine Inc. introduces the NUMATX HTS-C3K Rivet Squeezer System, for forming solid rivets found in many general aviation aircraft and kit-planes (aka “Homebuilts”). The HTS-C3K features the world’s smallest hand-held rivet squeezer, the HTC-3. This little tool will produce a whopping 3,070 pounds of force, while weighing only one pound without a c-yoke, or about 2 pounds with a typical c-yoke installed. It is capable of squeezing up to 1/8” aluminum solid rivets, which are prevalent in kit-planes such as the Vans Aircraft RV-7, -8, -9 and -10.

The NUMATX HTC-3 is the SMALLEST and LIGHTEST aerospace grade C-Squeezer you can buy. The HTC-3 also features CONSTANT FORCE over the entire stroke range, due to the fact the hand-held portion is fully hydraulic. With a C-yoke installed, the NUMATX HTC-3 is up to1/2 the size and weight of a traditional pneumatic only squeezer. Smaller and lighter results in less operator fatigue and greater access to confined areas. The constant force advantage means there is less setup time when squeezing different rivet lengths of a given rivet diameter, as compared to traditional pneumatic only rivet squeezers.

The NUMATX HTS-C3K Rivet Squeezer System consists of the HTC-3 squeezer and a HTI-10 pressure intensifier. The HTI-10 Intensifier uses shop air at 90 psi and converts it to hydraulic pressure at approximately 3,600 psi. These two components are connected via a hydraulic hose, which delivers the hydraulic pressure to the HTC-3 squeezer when commanded by a foot operated control valve. The HTC-3 squeezer accepts industry standard Chicago Pneumatic CP214 type yokes, which are the most prevalent available. The c-yoke can be installed and removed quickly with the included quick release shear pins. The HTC-3 squeezer uses industry standard dies with 3/16” (.187) shanks, and these dies fit in both the squeezer compression pin and c-yoke mount holes. The HTC-3 squeezer has an integrated two-axis hydraulic swivel, which the hydraulic hose is attached to. The swivel allows for ease of positioning of the squeezer when riveting.

Setup and operation of the NUMATX HTS-C3K Rivet Squeezer System is detailed in the operation manual. Components included with the system are shown in the brochure, with items not included also listed.

If you already have CP214 compatible C-yokes, order the NUMATX HTS-C3K0 system (0 = no C-yoke included).

If you do not yet have a C-yoke, order the NUMATX HTS-C3K3 system (3 = 3” reach C-yoke included). The 3” reach C-yoke is a good general purpose yoke for use on kit-planes.